Luxottica’s global distribution network, including retail chains and a wholesale network of third party stores, is one of the Group’s core strengths. It extends to both developed and emerging markets, where it has made substantial investments over the last few years.
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The wholesale distribution network has more than 50 commercial subsidiaries in major markets

The wholesale distribution network covers more than 150 countries, with over 50 commercial subsidiaries in major markets and approximately 100 independent distributors in other less developed markets.

Wholesale customers are mostly retailers of mid to premium-priced eyewear, such as independent opticians, optical retail chains, specialty sun retailers, department stores, duty-free shops and online players. Certain brands, including Oakley, are also distributed to sporting goods stores and specialty sports locations.

In addition to giving wholesale customers access to some of the most popular brands and models, Luxottica provides them with pre- and post-sale services to enhance their business and maintains close contact with distributors in order to monitor sales and the quality of the points of sale.

In 2002, Luxottica introduced the STARS program within its Wholesale division, a true service innovation that leverages Luxottica’s knowledge of local markets and brands to deliver fresh, high-turnover products to customers and maintain optimal inventory levels at each point of sale. By strengthening the partnership between Luxottica and its customers, this program directly manages product selection activities, assortment planning and automatic replenishment of Luxottica’s products in the store, utilizing ad hoc systems, tools and state-of-the-art planning techniques.

At the end of 2015, STARS served approximately 6,300 stores in the major European markets, the United States, the Middle East and emerging markets.

6,589 stores (676 franchised locations)

With a strong portfolio of retail brands, Luxottica is well positioned to serve every segment of the market with a variety of differentiation points, including the latest designer and high-performance frames, advanced lens options, advanced eye care, everyday value and high-quality vision care health benefits. As of December 31, 2015, Luxottica’s retail business consisted of 6,589 stores and 676 franchised locations.

Luxottica’s retail stores sell not only prescription frames and sunglasses that the Group manufactures but also a wide range of frames, lenses and ophthalmic products manufactured by other companies. In 2015, net sales comprising Luxottica’s proprietary and licensed brands represented approximately 90% of the total net sales of frames by the Retail division.

Distributive network

Oakley, Ray-Ban and Sunglass Hut e-commerce websites serve as important sales channels that complement Luxottica’s retail operations and wholesale distribution. The websites drive brand awareness and allow consumers to purchase products efficiently, extending superior customer service into the digital space.

Ray-Ban.com was launched in the United States in 2009 and is the place to go for a premium Ray-Ban assortment, exclusive services and a consumer experience that is unique to the brand. The path of international e-commerce expansion for the Ray-Ban brand is closely tied to Ray-Ban Remix, the online customization service which was initially launched in Europe in 2013. The success of the service led to Remix launches in the United States, Canada and China in 2014. In 2015 the offer was extended to Australia, Brazil, Japan and Hong Kong. Currently, Ray-Ban.com operates in 24 countries.

Oakley.com provides an e-commerce channel across multiple markets including the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil and 16 countries in Europe. Its online custom eyewear experience gives Oakley fans the ability to customize their favorite models from Jawbreaker to Frogskins, selecting frame color, lens tint, personalized etching and other features.

Launched in 2008, SunglassHut.com has become the digital destination for consumers looking to find the latest trends and hottest premium sunglasses. In 2014, the United Kingdom and Brazil joined the United States, Canada and Australia in offering online shopping on their local Sunglass Hut websites, with New Zealand added in 2015. Additionally, Sunglass Hut redesigned its mobile and desktop sites across all countries to enhance customer experiences, storytelling and business performance.

Luxottica plans to bring its e-commerce strategy to additional markets as the business matures. For example, the Group formed strategic partnerships in China to open both Ray-Ban and “O” stores within Tmall, the world’s largest local online mall.

Acquired in 2014, Glasses.com continues to serve as an innovation lab focused on improving the eyewear e-commerce experience for consumers and patients and lending its capabilities to Luxottica’s other retail brands.

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