As of December 31, 2015, Luxottica Group had 78,933 employees, of which 60.7% were dedicated to the retail business, 12.7% to the wholesale business and 25.9% to production activities.

Headquarters based in Milan represent 0.7% of the total Group workforce. In terms of geographic distribution, 53.6% of the total Luxottica workforce operates in North America, 15.9% in Europe, 23.2% in Asia-Pacific, 6.7% in Latin America and 0.6% in the Middle East and South Africa.



In 2015, Luxottica further developed its initiatives supporting Professional Requirements Planning and Technical and Managerial Career Development. It also consolidated strategies at regional level enabling a greater focus on the specific needs of management in different markets.

The Talent Management and Leadership Planning process, based on a shared and synchronized global calendar, identifies and promotes employees who demonstrate the potential to take on increasing responsibilities within the organization.

A desire for strong leadership at every organizational level resulted in the launch of several initiatives. The Group concluded the Pipeline Program which started in 2014, and targeted the most talented leaders in the organization. This one-year program offered four different training events where high-potential participants could leverage different learning methods, develop leadership skills and meet their international colleagues from London to Palo Alto and from Singapore to Milan. A second edition of this program has been planned for 2016. Another program called Leadership Lab helps managers from different businesses and geographies across Europe to create their own authentic leadership style. The program, structured into three modules, aims at developing self-awareness and personal vision, the ability to enhance team performance and understanding of the organizational context and dynamics. Participants are invited to share their daily challenges and opportunities with key leaders of the Group.


Given the results achieved in organizational effectiveness and positive impact on employee engagement, the Group decided to continue the work started in 2014 to develop a “Culture of Feedback”, which aims to strengthen the relationship between managers and their staff. Top managers, in partnership with local HR teams in each geography and business unit have established regular “Meaningful Conversations” with their staff and this has been added to their performance objectives.

The Pulse Survey, the tool Luxottica uses to measure the “Culture of Feedback” within the Company, has been maintained. On average, as measured in the four quarters of 2015, as many as 88% of respondents said they had had a Meaningful Conversation with their managers in the previous three months.

These results were aided by training and promotion activities implemented at all levels within the organization.

Among the different activities undertaken, including ad hoc workshops, video tutorials and conversation cards to be used during manager-associate meetings, two international programs titled Personal Excellence and the Coaching Academy should be highlighted. Both programs, the former at global level, at regional level the latter, consist of training programs for senior and middle managers, in order to continue to develop in their role, become ambassadors of the Culture of Feedback, focus on their own leadership style and acquire additional managerial skills.

Luxottica also implemented an online platform to generate a common feedback language across the organization. The Culture of Feedback platform can be accessed easily by all employees.

These efforts will be maintained in 2016, creating an open, honest and meaningful environment that will give Luxottica a long term competitive advantage.

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